CMG Interviews: Sophie Davis - Travel Journalist - Sophie's Suitcase

Welcome to CMG Interviews - our new weekly interview series! Each week we’ll be talking to an inspirational journalist or blogger about all things PR, from the perfect pitch to the PR-journalist relationship.

Today we're joined by talented travel journalist Sophie Davis.

In this Q&A, Sophie gives us some brilliant insight into the perfect PR pitch.

Tell us about your publication...

My names Sophie, founder of Sophie’s Suitcase and I am a brunch-loving traveller with a passion for unique experiences around my 9-5 job. My blog was founded after a backpacking trip around Asia in 2010, where I counted my mum as my first follower. Since then Sophie's Suitcase has grown considerably, as I honestly documented my travels around the world, encouraging others to follow in my footsteps; showing how easy it is to travel the world and maintain a full-time job. 

I have gained an audience through raw and relatable content, linked to my travels and struggles with my own mental health. Blogging is my creative outlet and has opened my eyes to the world, which has helped forge my future travels and partnerships. Over the years I have monetised my blog by working with an array of tourism boards, hotel chains and products, both through press trips and sponsored campaigns, as well as taking advantage of affiliate marketing too, enabling me to invest in my brand. 

How do you like being pitched?

I love being pitched to over email and with a personal touch. So many emails land in my inbox daily, and I have to go through every single email to see if it's been personally curated to me, or if it's been emailed to a mass audience.

When do you like to be pitched (Morning, Afternoon etc)?

I have no preference.

Do you prefer follow up emails or phone calls?

Follow up emails are great, but to be honest, if I was interested in a partnership anyway I would have followed up with you. 

How can PR pros build a good relationship with you?

I love meeting PRs in person and grabbing a coffee, as you get to know someone properly and I love having a rapport with someone. But this isn't always possible, so informal chats over email are the best way to create a good relationship. I am not a formal person and prefer it when a PR gets in touch with a snippet about their own life. 

What are the biggest mistakes you see PR pros make?

I would say mass emails that are titled 'To influencer' or 'To Sophie's Suitcase' - it's always clear to me from the first email they haven't taken the time to get in touch and therefore won't take much care if we work together either.