The Best Travel Shows to Binge Watch While in Quarantine With many people looking for ways to stay entertained during Covid-19 lockdown, we compiled a list of great travel TV shows that were currently streaming - perfect for anyone with wanderlust. The results: 75 backlinks from unique domains. Coverage highlights: Daily Star, Daily Express, The Sun and The Scotsman.

CEO Profiling Founder-focused and CEO profile campaigns can be one of the best ways to improve awareness of your brand online. Working alongside Ella McKendrick, Founder of Nutribuddy, we arranged interviews in: Business Matters Magazine, WeAreTheCity, Talented Ladies Club, Minutehack, Business Leader and Just Entrepreneurs.

Image by Jorge Fernández Salas

The World’s Most Macabre Tourist Attractions With Ukraine’s Chernobyl on track to become 2019’s surprise hit tourism destination, after the HBO miniseries, we looked into and created an infographic on the top dark tourism destinations around the world. The results: 162 backlinks from unique domains. Coverage highlights: Forbes, Travel Weekly, The Yorkshire Post and The Daily Post.

Cheapest Airport Car Parks Revealed We compared the cost of parking a car for two weeks during the summer holiday at an official airport car park at 22 of the UK’s busiest airports. The results: 30 backlinks from unique domains.

Street Food City Index

The 30 Best Street Food Cities We researched the best cities for street food lovers to visit around the world. Each city was ranked on 4 parameters: number of street food vendors, affordability, number of street food experiences/tours and sanitation. The results: 37 backlinks from unique domains. Coverage highlights: The Daily Telegraph, Mirror Online, USA Today and Bangkok Post.

10 Nourishing Foods to Boost Your Mood During Covid-19 Isolation


With many people looking for ways to stay strong and healthy during Covid-19 lockdown, we worked with Nutribuddy's Educational Nutritionist on a list of foods to incorporate into your diet to help support your health, mood and immunity.


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Coverage highlights: The Express